Vintage 12 Sun Rubber Baby Doll with New Outfit from Jans Doll Closet

This sweet little doll is from the Sun Rubber Doll Company. She is 12 inches tall with molded hair and sleep eyes with brush lashes (the lashes need to be repaired). The eyes are clear and open and close nicely. The coloring is still good. No nips or bits to the separated toes or fingers. There is an ink spot on her inner thigh of her left leg and someone painted silver on her back. She has an open nurser mouth and she still squeaks! She is marked on her neck Sun Rubber. She comes in a new dress from Jans Doll Closet. The Peach/Orange Sitting Dress, which includes the dress, bonnet and under panties. The short sleeve dress has a lace collar with lace trim on the sleeves. The skirt is full with frilly lace trim on the hem. The dress fastens in back with snaps. The brim bonnet is in the same fabric as the dress with coordinating lace trim. The bonnet fastens in front or back with satin ribbons. The slip on under panties have an elastic waist with lace trim leg openings. DFS12BannisterBaby-071919 Price $75.

21" Madame Alexander Scarlett (Jacqueline)

Doll is in great shape. She comes in her original outfit and everything is there. Bonnet, dress, petticoat, bloomers, nylons, ring, necklace, hangtag, jacket, panties and shoes. Item Number DFSJacquelineScarlett090119 sold

14" Ideal 1980's Chew Baby Chew Doll & Box

Item Number DFS-ChewBabyChew011019. Price $39.99


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