14” Uneeda Doll Marked U 11 on her neck

This doll has a Baby Trix face. She has blonde rooted hair that may have been trimmed a bit and a few almost missing plugs in the back at the hair line that the hair covers. She has side glancing sleep eyes with brush lashes. A pink watermelon closed mouth smile. Vinyl head and arms and hard plastic legs and torso. She is jointed at the neck, arms and hips. She has one little smug on her right upper arm that may come off. No nips or cracks on this doll. Item DFS14-Uneeda Baby Trix. Price $11.00

Vintage 1969 Uneeda 13 ˝ Inch Baby Bumpkins Doll For Sale

Nice doll in good condition. Marked on neck and back: ©Uneeda Doll Co Inc. MCMLXIX Made in Hong Kong. Short blonde hair with no missing plugs. Blue sleep eyes with brush lashes that open and close. The left eye droops from time to time. The doll has an open mouth to take a bottle. She has a hole between her legs /for drainage. She has a hard plastic body and rubber head. She is jointed at the neck, arm and legs. She has a speck on her lips that I think is what is left of her pink painted lips. Item #DFS-Uneeda Baby Bumpkins Naked. Price $12.99

1965 8" Uneeda Bundle of Love Doll

This little sweetie from 1965 is marked on the neck 2 Uneeda Doll Co Inc 1965. She is in very good condition. She has sleep eyes that work well with molded eyelashes. She has a pink open nursing mouth with hole to take a bottle. Her head, arms and leg are jointed. She has a few tiny specks on her right leg, but you can hardly see them. I didn’t see them at first. She has a full head of hair with no missing plugs. Her head, arms and legs are in rubber and her torso is in hard plastic. Item DFS-Bundle of Love naked. Price $15.00

1959 16” Red Haired Vogue Brikette Doll

This doll has bright red hair and vivid green sleep eyes. All lashes there and eyes work fine. She is jointed at the neck, arms , legs and has a swivel waist. She is a bit loose, but can stand alone to pose.
Item #DFS16-Brikette Doll. Price $125


This doll has blonde rooted hair, rotating neck, green flirty eyes, pink lips, twist waist, jointed arms and legs. She has a few smudges on the back of her legs that may wash off. She poses, but is a little loose in the waist area. But, she can stand without a doll stand. Please see pictures, as they are part of the description. Item DFS22-Platinum Brikette. Price $185.

1971 Vintage Ideal 16” Play N Jane Doll in Original Clothes.

This doll is an Ideal 16 inches tall Play N Jane doll with good face coloring for her age. Her hair seems a bit dry to me, but all of it is there and in pigtails. She is wearing her original shirt and pants and shoes. The battery compartment looks clean, but I don’t know if she works as I believe there is other equipment needed in order for her to play which I do not have. The sale is for the doll and outfit she is wearing. She does have a lighter colored arm and some scuffs that may wash off. Cute doll. Please review pictures as they are part of the description.
Item DFS16-Play N Jane. Price $9.99 SOLD

1989 Vintage 7” Mattel Wee Lil’ Miss with Original Outfit and Accessories

Sweet little doll from Mattel. 1989 7” Wee Lil’ Miss doll in her original dress and shoes. There are no panties. She has good coloring and all her long lovely rooted hair. She is jointed at the neck, arms and hips. She comes with accessories for fun. I think the first item is a handheld type locket or brush that opens; next are a pair of sunglasses, a suntan lotion bottle, headband, Frisbee, and a sun visor.
Item #DFS07-Wee Lil Miss. Price $9.99

1984 Tomy 17” Kimberly Doll

This doll has long lovely rooted blonde hair. She has painted facial features that are just beautiful. She poses very nicely. She is jointed at the neck, arms and legs. She could use a bath when she gets to her new home. Item # DFS17-Tomy Kimberly Doll Price $24.95

1976 Mattel 30” Marie Osmond Doll With Box and Accessories

This doll has been in storage and is a bit wrinkled and dusty, but in very good condition over all. She comes with her doll stand, patterns, box and is dressed in her original outfit (everything is there including the panties!) She is all vinyl with jointed shoulders, neck and a swivel waist.
DFS30-Marie Osmond w/box Price $85.00


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