11" Sun Rubber Gerber Baby

19" Arranbee Nancy

18" Miss Revlon

14-15" Betsy Wetsy

14" Ideal Betsy Wetsy

14" Ideal Bonnie Braids

Hungerford 12" Heinz 57 Baby

This doll is for sale

22" Eegee George Outfits

28" Ideal Saucy Walker

9" Ideal Newborn Thumbelina Dolls

Dionne Baby 6 1/2"

Effanbee 7" Tinyette

Vogue 7-8" Ginny

7" Deluxe Reading Suzy Cute

Ideal Baby Baby 6" Handful of Love

Same Set as above for the 17" Stuffed Glad Poor Pitiful Pearl Dolls

12" Ideal Shirley Temple dolls

**more clothes for this doll coming shortly**


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