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Doll Clothes ~ Black Cotton Pants For 14" Pebbles

Designed & created for you by Jans Doll Closet the panties are black with elastic waist and lace trimmed at the leg openings. Item P14-1006051B33. Price $3.95

Doll Clothes ~ White Hair Bone For 14" Pebbles

This is a nice addition to complete Pebbles outfits since she came with a hair bone. This bone is designed and created for you by Jans Doll Closet and comes with a satin red ribbon. Item Number P14-070111B33 Price $4.99

Doll Clothes ~ Royal Blue Baby Doll Dress for 14" Pebbles Dolls

Designed and created for you by Jans Doll Closet. This set includes the dress, bonnet, panties, shoes and socks. The long sleeve dress has lace at the hem and cuffs and fastens in back with snaps. The bonnet is also edged with frilly lace and ties in front with satin ribbons. The slip on panties have elastic at the waist and lace trim leg openings. The shoes are mary janes and the socks are white stretch nylon.
Item Number P14-011111B33 Price $24.95

Royal Blue Dress Set with NO shoes or socks $19.95

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