Walt Disney DeLuxe Reading Topper Toys Sayco 21" Snow White Doll Clothes Clothing from Jans Doll Closet


$4.00 will be refunded back to your account if the ad says it comes with footwear and I no longer have the shoes and socks for this doll when you place your order. Thanks for your understanding.

Doll Clothes ~ Yellow Dress Set for 21.5" Snow White Dolls

Requested by Janet and created for you by Jans Doll Closet. This set includes the dress, cape, panties, shoes and socks. The dress has an attached petticoat in tulle with lace hem. The dress has short puffy sleeves in purple and yellow. The bodice of the dress is in purple and the skirt in yellow. The dress fastens in back with snaps. The cape is in purple and yellow with tall collar and fastens in front with a snap. The slip on panties have an elastic waist and lace trim leg openings. The shoes are cut away sandals with pearl closure on the side. The socks are white stretch nylon. Item SSW21-012012B115. Price $39.95

Doll Clothes ~ White Cotton Under Panties for 21" Snow White

These cotton panties have an elastic waist and lace trim leg openings. Item DRSW21-011912B115. Price $3.25


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