Cheryl sent this picture of her Kayla dolls. She makes these dolls! Just Beautiful. They are wearing clothes from Jans Doll Closet.

This was a special order, so if you would like one of these dresses for your doll just let me know.

If you wish to contact Cheryl to make you a doll her email address is:

Linda of New Westminster, B.C. Canada -Chatty Baby:

Her Chatty Baby in one of my dresses and I just had to share it with you:

Eileen of Ewing, NJ writes:

I think you are a very talented and sincere person and I am honored to have your lovely outfits for my Tiny Tears! I have three 16", one brunette 15" and an adorable 11" and I love putting them in little frilly dresses and bonnets. Thanks for the fun and glamour!

Here are her babies:

Hi Jan,
I just had to show you your cute pjs! They came just at the right time, with the blizzard we got! Lol
These babies are now nice n cozy thanks to you.
I love the pjs.
Thank you so much and you know I will be ordering spring outfits!
If this snow ever melts!
Take care. Your outfits are the best!
P.s. the tubsy with the dark wig was my orginal doll from when I was very little. They just make you smile.

From Arleen of Garden City, NY:

The Kiss Dolls were the biggest hit at my St. Patrick's Day party last weekend. They just look so adorable and way beyond an ordinary doll's wardrobe.

Arleen has twin Kissy dolls that she dresses for the season. Here are a few of her ideas -- dress sets from Jans Doll Closet.

Suzanne of Buffalo, NY sent these photos of her charming dolls.......

From Judy Mae Thorne:
Once again thank you for making this doll such a wonderful memory with my Mom and now you too will be a part of it when I tell the story.
I'm sending along a photo of her with a picture of me when I got her at 4 yrs. old. I was a pudgy then but that's life.
A Happy New Friend

Darlene of Columbis, Iowa /Shirley Temple dressed in an outfit from Jans Doll Closet

Her two Sweetie Pie dolls -- Suzanne of Buffalo, NY:

Both outfits from Jans Doll Closet!

Laura Saha sent pictures of her old & new Tabatha ~ they are just darling.

Hi Jan
The outfit arrived today and it is just what I wanted. Here are a couple of
pictures of my Ricky with the outfit on. Thank you so much! Have a great


Robin's Chatty Cathy Collection!

From Audrey of Granite Falls, WA

Her own creation for her granddaughters Barbie Doll - just beautiful.

Linda's 14R Fashion doll in a dress set for Jans Doll Closet

Lynn Fields -- Baby Crissy

Karen at Christmas

Karen ~ so darling.

Suzanne's Marilee


Just wanted to let you know that I LOVEEEE my Tiny Chatty Baby??ôs new dress! Your work is beautiful. I think she looks better than she did in 1962!


Mary says that her girls look beautiful and she is a very happy customer!

Linda's Whimsies in sandals from Jans Doll Closet 6/5/14

.... and her other dolls!!!

.... and one more picture. Oh My!

Here are some pictures of Ken's Patti Play Pal and Lovee Patti Dolls

Here's the picture I promised. As you can see, Wendy Ann is now back to her original 1936 attire. Best regards,
Denise & Wendy Ann

Patti's dolls November 2013

Lynn Sent a Photo of her Patsy Joan

Denise sent a photo of her 14" Betsy McCall in an outfit from Jans Doll Closet

Beth's Dolls and Toys!!! So Cute!

Thanks Pam!!!!

Megan's Earl Pullan ~ Canadian Poor Pitiful Pearl Dolls (very rare) in Pjs from Jans Doll Closet

I love your dolls Megan
**these pjs can be found on Patsy Joan's page... press the picture to go there.

Megan's Cheerleader Pearl ~ too cool!

ha ha ~ so cute. The outfit was actually made for Little Miss No Name... I like Pearl in it better!

Jodi's Dolls

Three of Denise's Lovely Dolls - two in clothes from Jans Doll Closet

This picture was sent in by Jill. She has such a lovely doll.

Kim's Whimsies Doll "Emily" in a dress & shoes from Jans Doll Closet ~ so adorable!


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