New Outfit in Jans Doll Closet

New Outfit in Jans Doll Closet

19" American Character Butterball

13" American Character Pouting Penny

12" Vogue Precious Penny

6" Hitty

36" Horsman Betsy McCall dresses modeled by Patti

Aptly named 22" SO BIG

25" Uneeda Girl

12" Vogue Dream Baby

12" American Character Teeny Tiny Tears

16" Vogue Brikette

20" Sayco Baby Coquette

29" Ideal ~ Miss Ideal Twist

15" Hasbro Little Miss No Name

30" Effanbee Mary Jane

17" Vogue Too Dear

25" Belle Marjorie, (also fits Revlon VT 25 and Deluxe Reading Fashion Parade

25" Deluxe Reading Fashion Parade

Deluxe Reading 25" Sweet Janie Sweet Judy

21" Furga Girl

20" Revlon VT-20

Madame Alexander 20" Betty Boop 2000

Whimsies Hilda The Hillbilly

22" Kissy Baby

Madame Alexander 21" Cissy

20" Madame Alexander Betty Boop

18" Ideal Miss Revlon VT-18

Madame Alexander 14" Pussycat

16" Ideal Betsy Wetsy BW-16-L

Update to Lace on 15" Mattel Big Baby Tender Love

Ideal 10.5" Little Miss Revlon

Ideal 19" Tiffany Taylor

First of several new outfits for 15.5" Ashton Drake's Babies "Little Angel"

Madame Alexander 22" Pussy Cat, also will fit 22" Kitten

Madame Alexander 22" So Big

18" Vogue Dearest One

22" Pussy Cat

Ashton Drake 15" Little Angel

Pretty As A Picture / Love Me Linda 15" Vogue Dolls

15" Love Me Linda Vogue Dolls

22" Miss Revlon VT-22 Ideal Dolls

Update to the lace for Ideal 14" Tiny Thumbelina

12" Ideal Tabatha

17" Ideal Cuddly Kissy

19" Ideal Tiffany Taylor

16" Fisher Price My Friend Girl Dolls

16" Fisher Price My Friend Mikey

Ideal 15" Soft Body Pebbles


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