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Ideal Saucy Walker 22 inch 22" doll clothes clothing homemade handmade from Jans Doll Closet

I was going to retire, but changed my mind so I am re-doing all the pages on my website. This page included. These are old pictures of her outfits that I need to re-do using white lace or different fabric. I have included the item number for each. If you want the outfit, please send me an email by clicking on the dolls name at the top of the page and I will let you know if that item is available. Thanks for your understanding.

Doll Clothes ~ White Cotton Panties for 22" Saucy Walker

Designed and created for your dolls by Jans Doll Closet. The slip-on panties has an elastic waist band with elasticized lace trim leg openings. Item Number SW22-090210B17. Price $3.45

Doll Clothes ~ Green Stripe Party Dress Set for Ideal 22 Saucy Walker Dolls

Requested by Maggie and created for your dolls in the USA by Jans Doll Closet. This set includes dress and under panties. The long sleeve dress has a lace collar with white eyelet lace down the front with a black inserted ribbon that ties into a bow at the neck. The skirt of the dress is full with an attached petticoat in tulle and lace. The dress fastens in back with snaps. The slip-on panties have an elastic waist with elasticized lace trim leg openings. Item Number SW22-060321B17 Price $19.95

Lavender Print Dress Set Item Number SW22-032722B17

Daisy Print Dress, Item Number SW22-032822B17

Halloween Dress Item Number SW22-032922B17

Halloween Item Number SW22-033022B17

Black Polka Dot Item Number SW22-033122B17

Blue Gingham Romper Item Number SW040122B17

Blue Gingham Dress Item Number SW040222B17

Sunday Romper Item Number SW22-040322B17

Blue Gingham Dress Item Number SW22-020222B17

Blue/Yellow Ric Rac Item Number SW22-040422B17

White Dress Item Number SW22-040522B17

Green Gingham Item Number SW22-040622B17

White on White Dot SW22-040722B17

Orange Ric Rac Item Number SW22-040922B17

Valentine Dress SW22-041022B17

Pink Ric Rac Item Number SW220041222B17

Shirt & Pants Set Item Number SW22-041322B17

Pink/White Dress Set Item Number SW22-041422B17

White/Red Gingham Item Number SW22-041522B17

Sailor Set Item Number SW22-041622B17

Petticoat Item Number SW22-041722B17

Satin Onsie Item Number SW22-041822B17

Onsie Petticoat Item Number SW22-041922B17

Yellow Dress Set Item Number SW22-042022B17

Yellow Gingham Item SW22-042322B17

Yellow Floral Item SW22-042322B17

Satin Petticoat Item SW22-042422B17

Turquoise Dress Item SW22-042522B17

Pink Daisy Item SW22-042622B17

Blue Polka Dot Item SW22-042922B17


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