Deluxe Reading 24" Suzy Smart Doll Clothes Clothing from Jans Doll Closet


Doll Clothes ~ White Petticoat for 24" Suzy Smart

Designed and hand made in the USA for your dolls by Jans Doll Closet. This frilly petticoat will make any skirt or dress that Suzy Smart wears stand out nicely. The petticoat has an elastic waist and lots for frilly lace. If you would like a different color than white, please let me know when you place your order. Item SS24-062209B117. Price $14.95

Doll Clothes ~ White Cotton Panties for Suzy Smart

Designed and created for your dolls by Jans Doll Closet. The slip-on cotton under panties has an elastic waist with elasticized lace trim leg openings. Item Number SS24-091819B117 Price $3.65

Doll Clothes ~ White Blouse for 24 Deluxe Reading Suzy Smart Dolls

Designed and created for you by Jans Doll Closet, this little white short sleeve blouse has rolled cuffs on the sleeve and a nice collar. The blouse fastens in front with snaps under the accent buttons. Item SS24-042616B117. Price $16.95


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